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Chimney Sweep Services

We are members of NACS and work strictly to the NACS Code of Practice © 1982 and Code of Conduct for the cleaning of chimneys. On completion of work, we issue a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping and recommend when future cleaning is necessary.  We offer both traditional sweeping and the modern power-sweeping technique for either your chimney, twin wall flue system or flexible liner whilst using a high powered HEPA filtered industrial vacuum.

Depending on what your chimney is used for will ultimately depend on how often it should be swept and maintained. Whether you burn wood or coal and have either a oil, gas appliance or biomass boiler, they will all require regular maintenance and servicing to not only maximise performance levels and to prevent any potential future damage and build ups, but to also maintain the warranty of the appliance manufacturer.

Types of Fires

We offer a chimney sweeping service for multi fuel stoves, open fires, wood burners & coal burners.

Sweeping frequency:

Smokeless coals: At least once a year (Often believed to not need cleaning)

Wood: Once a season when in use on open fires, twice a season for stoves

Bitumous coal: Twice a year

Oil: Once a year

Gas: Once a year

Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Fire Alarms

We supply & fit carbon monoxide detectors and fire / smoke alarms for clients throughout Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire.  All appliances that burn fuel produce carbon monoxide and your solid fuel stove or open fire produces 100’s of times more carbon monoxide than that of gas or oil appliances.  Having the correct safety detectors & alarms is critical if you have any type of fire in your home.

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